[新譜]OHTORO Kumamoto EP 7-inch vinyl (feat Shing02 and Meiso)

ハワイのビートメーカーOHTOROの7inch Vinyl。Spel Killzによるステッカー付き。kumamotoEP kumamotoEPwatermelon

客演にShing02、 Meiso、 Cookie、 MAX/MO、Neal Chin。

ジャケットデザインはSpel Killzが担当。 

A prelude to the full length album, this 7-inch vinyl includes vinyl only song “Relax and Take Me To Kumamoto”. Shing02, Meiso, Cookie, MAX/MO and Neal Chin make appearances on this album. Every album comes with a sticker and digital download of the album. 

Proceeds from the album will be donated to the city of Kumamoto to help them out after suffering through the tragic earthquake. 

01. Relax and Take Me To Kumamoto featuring Cookie
02. This Is Yuzu featuring Shing02 & Meiso
03. Orange Street
04. Tonyuniqlo

Cover art designed by Spel Killz.